Important Message Regarding a Complete Halt in Business Plan and Why!

Tracy Verlin States the Following Important Information for all clients and potential customers:

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Oh, I apologize to anyone that may have been affected by a complete system and data lockout to EVERYTHING I have to perform business and personal tasks!
My Microsoft Account was frozen by MS because I use an old MSN (Was dial-up 19 years ago when I procured it). Microsoft is trying to get MSN email addresses back for another use (My account was caught up in the mess by accident). I had to deal with them for over 12 days and I had lost all of my email, contacts, 700 GB of OneDrive/Office data, etc…And lost all my contacts and phone numbers on my Windows phone as well.
I am back up and running. I had to reinstall Windows 10 on all my computers, laptops, and phones. Then reconfigure everything with a temp account. But it did not contain my data. Then they restored my account.
I was behind on everything and had no way to tell everyone. I did not know where to start. So, business came to its knees.
I have completed a FULL refreshing of my entire environment with all new installations. Accounts are recovered and I redesigned and rebuilt my complete network. Everything is now very reliable and I have began utilizing my Acronis Business Backup solution for everything in the event this were to happen again. So, where there is a problem, I ensure there is a real solution!!
Sorry for the delay. If I can help please do not hesitate to email me or call 281-381-__33 (I am not entering my full number, if you have it this is enough to let you know it is back online as well.). Leave a message if you happen to get my VM. I will contact you! Or use Thumbtack or my email address to my website or personal.
It has taken me almost one complete month to straighten out the whole mess and logistically I was unable to use a temp account, I did try.
So sorry this happened and potentially had adverse affects on any you. (Clients, Friends, Acquaintances and upcoming partners.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!
Tracy Verlin